Unified Usage and Integration

Since the product is an in-house development it was designed with the idea to make usage as simple as possible but allow for flexibility in adding new functionality and ease of integration to 3rd party hardware/software.

Easy Implementation

ExpertCall SMCC is a contact center software that can work easily on existing PBX hardware or as a standalone product in the cloud.  This significantly reduces both investment and operational costs.

Minimal IT requirements

It can be installed easily onto existing PCs/laptops and does not require high level IT system requirements to work effectively.


ExpertCom is a start-up company founded by professionals with over 10 years of experience on average in the telco/call center/ contact center business.  ExpertCall was created with innovative functionality using the best practices on the market of competitors and the latest available technology.  We tried to avoid the negative aspects of available systems while trying to keep the positives and were specifically designed to best serve customers needs.

Future Proof

ExpertCall was designed in a way to make it a product to be used long term.  It’s flexibility in adding additional functionality.


ExpertCall SMCC is designed to serve all customers from very small SMB level to Enterprise grade.  It can grow as your business grows.

Competitive Price

Based on the available products on the market ExpertCall SMCC offers the best price to functionality ratio.  Since it is flexible in its construction additional functionality can be easily added for minimal added costs.

Security/Automatic Backup & Recovery

The data in the cloud solution is stored in a highly secure data center and all data is duplicated according to international market standards.

High Availability

The product was designed to work with an SLA of 99,99.There are also various options available such as Hot Stand-by to meet the requirements of our customers.



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